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Headhunting Recruiting Services

Retained Search

In a boutique approach, working exclusively, your recruiter will provide careful consideration and diligence in sourcing candidates that are not looking or are perhaps passively looking for a new opportunity. Typically, these are hard-to-fill, urgently needed, high-level positions with limited top candidates, and confidentiality and discretion are extremely important. This approach shows a commitment from the client to an exclusive search. 

Finding Suitable Candidates For Your Hard-to-fill Vacancy.

Contingent Search

In a contingency approach, your recruiter will provide posting, sourcing, and screening candidates per your job description and position intake by your recruiter. The candidate pool is typically actively looking and open to new opportunities. 

With the contingency approach, after the client signs our contingent agreement, the client may view resumes from our team and interview candidates before a fee is collected. A fee would be collected only after an offer is made, the candidate accepts, and starts the new role. (1).jpg (2).jpg

Maintain Confidentiality About The Job Search.

Confidential Search

In a confidential search, your business is looking to fill an important role without public advertising. This search is kept confidential until the very end. Your recruiter/headhunter will work with the utmost discretion. These searches are typically conducted when a leader is underperforming, a merger or other confidential decisions are taking place, or a company is looking to keep competitors off its radar. This approach shows a commitment from the client to a confidential search.

Unlock Your Potential With Our Extensive Talent Pool

At our recruiting agency, we provide personalized service and industry expertise to help you find the perfect fit for your team.

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